Bamboo Mountain Bikes in the Philippines…

My Kababayan’s of Quezon City, Kawayan Tech are pumping out bamboo mountain bikes in the Philippines.   Quezon City was the capitol city of the Philipines from 1948-1976.  In 2009 Calfee, designer of Bamboo Bikes in California, went to Manilla to train a team of mountaineers from the University of the Philippines.

Since 2009, Kawayan Tech was born and still and thriving.

More info about Kawayan on FB:

Kawayan Tech Mission:
1. Leverage bamboo technology promoting social justice & community solidarity
2. Promote sustainable human development through bamboo technology.
3. Promote and develop bamboo as an indigenous technology.
4. Promote bamboo planting, reforestation species, and bamboo nurseries.
5. Initiate social entrepreneurship enterprises around bamboo technology.
6. Develop partnerships with individuals, groups, and the government in the hope of transforming their outlook on bamboo, the environment, and development.
7. Make the Philippines a regional if not global leader in bamboo technology and products.

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Ride for Love

Just walking along the road in my little beach town village in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, Central America.  Sunny, cloudy and sunny again.  Even nature, on this indecisive day, decides if it wants to come out and play.  No sooner as the sun peaked out for another Ya… No… Maybe… I run across this amazing human, fully packed and ready to roll, walking her pony on the side of the road.  As she passed me I noticed a man slowly following her, 10 ft behind.  I laughed and had to ask…


The woman in red is Niki who has been on the saddle for the past 7 months, traveling all the way from Canada.  And the loyal tailgater (Barry) has been following this hot tamale on wheels.  I asked, “How far have you been riding?”  Barry immediately responds, “I’ve been chasing this woman down all the way from Canada.  I can only ride for a few weeks at a time.  So, I’ve made four trips to her, back and forth from Canada to keep her in my life!”  Niki, with a heartfelt humble grin, shrugs her shoulder and says,

“Just doing what I love!”

I oozed absolute reverence for Niki and stated, “This is what my Grandmother and Mother always reinforced in me.  If a man truly cares for you he will move mountains to get and have you in his life.  For you, precious Niki, a four-time return on bike, to keep you in his life!”  I expressed to Niki, her love for her own dreams is awakening my dream, my “Ride for Love” beyond Man– IMagine this?

Look at this beauty!

yoda bike

No better timing to meet the sustainable saddle travelers on their “Ride for Love”  Back in Summer 2010 this Bamboo Bike was my Ride for Love.  Meet Yoda!  Yep, I named my Boo-Boo after my four-legged love (Yoda) who died months before I met and made this darling!  So much, I was known in 123 countries as “The Bamboo Bike Chica”.    I walked, biked and slept bamboo.  Everything that got my attention, wowed my moments and made me lose sleep at night was “All about the Boo!”  I truly was made passionate in love with my bike I made in Redhook, NY with my own two hands and feet.  I always had this project in the back of my heart, wondering if this would ever come to fruition?

Wanna shout out to a powerhouse sustainable traveler, Paige!!

I met Paige 25 meters left from where I met Niki and Barry.  Paige was sitting in a local cafe when I walked in and immediately connected with Paige’s “Pura Vida” passion for life!  Been spending the past week talking Boo Bikes and Recycling Component Programs for local farm workers surrounding Palma Tica, with Paige.  Even better, yet!  After hours and hours of talking with Paige she says, “Hey, my boss Jim (owner of the Bike Biz Paige has worked with for the past four years) has had this shop for over 45 years and he’s actually traveling down to CR in May to surf Pavones!”  Hey Paige, the owner and the designer of the Bamboo Bike Studio was surfing Pavones when I sent him ALL the messages, for almost a month, before I flew up to make my own Boo Bike (above image).  Got a much-needed collaboration, with Jim (North Carolina), Marty Oldin (not sure where he is right now), Trey Abernathy and Walk Bike Costa Rica, rising, once again!  This time where I always dreamed this project would flourish.  Here, on the Shores of the Southern Zone, Costa Rica, Latin America!


The Crew

Team “Bamboo Bike Studio” with your own two hands and feet!!



The word is out…

Excited to bring the first Bamboo Bike Workshop to Costa Rica. Everyone wants in on the fun.  There are five Eco-Village’s and Bamboo Farms that want to host a Bamboo Workshop.  What we need right now are people!   Continue reading

Urban Cycling… a not so distant Dream for SJ, Costa Rica!

“There’s a freedom that comes with cycling.  Only the cyclist knows why a dog rides with his head out the window” ~  Cyclist from Dartanyon

Being able to ride in the concrete jungle of San Jose, Costa Rica is the ultimate dream for me.  I keep imagining bike lanes from the far east side of the city (UCR) to the far west side (La Sabana), making the City so much more desirable to visit and explore. The Tico Culture reuniting with it’s Capitol City would raise the frequency to the meaning  “Pura Vida Mae”. Continue reading

Stenciling the Streets of Brazil Green

Props to the people of Brazil and the SBM ;-)

Bike nao suja tanto!  In Portuguese means– “Cars are dirty– time to clean up your act!” That’s my silly sarcastic interpretation.  Watch the video below and tell me what you think? Of course, it would be wrong to go any further without giving props to the Slow Bicycle Movement for spreading the sustainable news!

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Over 600 Bamboo Bikes built in Ghana for only $73

Props to the shop of dedicated people of the Bamboo Bike Studio for training the boys of Ghana in building bamboo bikes in Africa.  Because of them, over 600 bikes have been built, since January 2011.   (close to 56 bikes per month)   Dam proud to say these great educators of building bamboo bikes are the guys who showed me how to build my little Yodster, back in August, 2010.

Bamboo Bike Studio Team back in August 2010 (Sean, Justin, Marty, Josh) who helped me build my Yodster with my own two hands!

Hey Cali Bike Peeps? There are more people coming into San Francisco, from all around the globe, to build their own Bamboo Bikes. What’s up with that? Continue reading